Lots of FUN in room 12!

Lots of FUN in room 12!

Hi Rachel H, Rachel Mc Roisin, Emma and Leah here,

This is what we have been up to …..

Our class have been doing a Go Noodle activity at the end of every day. On the ipads we have been doing WW1 projects and Irish quizzes. For Geography, we have been learning about the countries in ww1. We also learned about the history of rap and sang our own rap song called “School is cool” with instruments. We have also been doing art on the ipads. On Friday, we made and tested our own parachutes out of paper bags and pasta pieces as people. Everybody in our class got into groups and did a ww1 project. Some of the girls made some WW1 stew for us! Everybody loved it. We also did little dramas of life in the trenches, it was very fun. After we did the dramas we wrote a letter pretending we were in the trenches. We started doing a cycling course in school with Noel and Graham. It’s so fun. Our teacher told us to do a 1 minute presentation on anything we like. For geography Ms. Corr brought in some artefacts from her family in ww1. They were really interesting. For science this week we learned about the power of air by blowing a balloon up in a box. For art we did origami and a girl from the other 5th class came in to teach us some Chinese dance moves to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was so much fun. A while ago  we made our own Irish games in groups and now we play them during Irish. We also did Famine projects. We made 3D water cycles, if you look in our windows you might see them!!

We got picked to go to the……. SCIENCE BLAST in the RDS, it was brilliant!!! Our question was “What part of our oral hygiene routine has the biggest impact on reducing plaque build-up?”

We hand painted peacocks in Art . Ms.Corr made us some yummy pancakes for all to enjoy on pancake Tuesday! We also had a hot chocolate morning on one of the cold morning..it was delicious! Soon after we made our very own 3D anemometers !YAY! We sang for the confirmation. Congrats to the 6th classJ

We chitted and planted potatoes and had a Crisp Party YUM!

We went to the school garden and took some photos and then we drew them in the classroom!:)

At the moment we are doing projects on WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD!!! We are presenting them in different ways by dressing up, creating dramas, making 3D props and powerpoints! J

We all dressed up in 70s clothes to raise money for the Broadway Challenge! (Good luck teachers and parents!)

It is the day of our Easter holidays and we got to make chocolate Easter nests!

Take a look at all our photos below!

Happy Easter from Rm 12!!!!!


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