November in room 15

November in room 15

The pupils in room 15 have had a busy month of November! Here’s some of the things we’ve been up to…

The girls worked in groups to create their very own architecture ’company’.  They came up with a company name, designed a company logo and their very own company ID badges.  The companies created were  Design for Life, Brilliant Bricks, Brickly Come Building and Growing New Houses. Once established, the companies had to compete to secure a contract from Jessica Cory to design and build a holiday development site outside of Ballyteely village. Plans were drawn up and exciting designs were made. Advertisements for the holiday centre were created too. Unfortunately the site was found to be a habitat for endangered birds and butterflies.  Following on from this, lots of discussion and debate ensued between the ‘architects’ and ‘villagers’. The group voted and decided in the end not to allow the building to go ahead as they wished to protect the habitats as well as the reed beds. Luckily another more suitable site was found where the holiday development could go ahead!

See some photos of the companies and logos below:

Design For Life

Growing New Homes

Brickly Come Building

Brilliant Bricks

This teaching methodology is called ‘Mantle of the Expert’. If you would like to find out more click on this link:


Following on from this the children looked at the work of the architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. For Hundertwasser, painting was like dreaming. He believed that wherever people live it should connect with nature. The children created their own paintings using Hundertwasser’s work as an inspiration.


The children also wrote their very own animals reports. We all certainly learned something new! Did you know that a great white shark has about 3000 teeth? And that sea turtles have been around for 65 million years?! Not to mention how a mother kangaroo cleans her pouch?! Everybody has also had to present their report in class (not just read it aloud but give a short presentation). We are in the middle of making our animal habitat dioramas.

Room 15 also gave a short presentation at assembly last week. All the girls participated really well and everyone had an important contribution to make. We have been learning about what life was like for people living in Ancient Rome 2000 years ago. Using movement and improvisation that the children had created themselves we presented some of the work that we had done in class.

Graffiti Classics’ also came to our school. They are a group from the UK who came to perform a classical concert for us. It was a very enjoyable show. They brought a fun element to classical music which the girls really enjoyed. Have a look at some of the pictures from it below.

We also attended a marine biology workshop where we got to examine bones and shells and use a microscope to look at plankton up close.



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