October in Rm 19

October in Rm 19

We have been very busy in Rm 19 this month!

The girls really enjoyed ‘Maths Week 2021’. They played lots of wonderful Maths board games that encouraged their strategic mathematical thinking skills and their multi-step problem-solving skills!

They also enjoyed making a Maths Trail for their 2nd Class buddies and helping them complete it!!

We have been having lots of fun in Science this month! Our Science experiment had a Halloween twist!! We investigated the effect of baking soda and salt on apples. The girls put the apple in a container, mixed salt and baking powder in the ratio 1:1 to make a desiccant, covered the apple in the mixture and left it for one week.

This caused the water to be withdrawn from the apples and the apples to mummify!!

The girls then made fantastic predictions about what they thought would happen to the apples.

We constructed 3D Haunted Houses!

The girls wrote, voiced and directed Halloween dramas using oranges! The girls drew faces onto the oranges, making them into mini Halloween pumpkins! They then recorded and edited their plays on the iPads! Well done girls, your plays were superb! 

The girls had an excellent time engaging in a Long Division Maths Trail. The class really enjoyed getting up and moving while focusing on skills in Maths! The girls did a tremendous job at the Maths Trail and really enjoyed the challenge of completing it! Well done girls!

What amazing creativity and talent on display in our annual pumpkin design! Look at all our fantastic pumpkins!!

It was great to see such scary, spooky and fun costumes in Rm 19! Well done girls! You all look amazing!


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