Our Sustainability Project

Our Sustainability Project

As part of our Sustainability project, the girls looked at plastic waste, as well as the length of time it takes for various items to decompose. Room 14 came in to work with them and they completed a number of different activities.

Each group was given an image of plastic waste in different parts of the world. The girls had to write down what they could see in the image, their feelings about the image and any questions they had about the image.

For the next activity, the girls were given images of different items (plastic bottle, woolen sock, magazine, apple core, banana skin, mobile phone, bio plastic bag). They had to place these items in order of how long they would take to decompose. The girls then had to record how many years they thought it would take for each item to decompose. They were very shocked to hear how long it takes various items to decompose, such as the mobile phone, which takes approx. 10,000 years!

We then discussed the importance of disposing of waste properly and how we could do this effectively in our school, and at home!

The girls really enjoyed this lesson on waste disposal and they are really looking forward to learning more about how we can make our school and our community more sustainable!

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