September and October in Sixth!

September and October in Sixth!

Hi, it is the 6th class girls here from room 12!

We had a lot of fun in September and October.

We did many interesting exercises and activities, such as making games, 1 minute oral presentations, writing in Ogham, playing games on the interactive whiteboard, creating and performing dramas, building totem poles, making 3D adaptation projects, discovering nature in our garden, winning races, using the ipads to make videos and research, presenting our granny projects, celebratory dancing when we got our division right, entering a giant globe for Planetarium, decorating pumpkins, dressing up, making chocolate apples and doing our assembly for the school. We have also started confirmation preparation with Anne and are learning our songs for Peace Proms. Oh and our Junior Entrepreneurship Programme pack arrived!

Enjoy the holiday everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Enjoy our photos below!


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