Super September in Room 12!

Super September in Room 12!

Hi! It is Doireann and Sophia from 5th Class in Room 12. We are going to tell you what we have been up to in September!

On our first day of school when we came in there was a really cool banner saying ‘Welcome Back’. Then we got to pick where we wanted to sit. At the end of the day we got to do a Kidz Bop Kidz dance, it was really fun. We dance to these songs regularly now.

In our first week we also made our class contract together.

In Maths we get to play Maths games on the interactive whiteboard. Our favourite game at the moment is “Hit the Button”. This game helps us to learn our table.

Our class was lucky to be able to go to Eason’s book shop in town because a famous writer Sylvia V. was telling us about her new book called, “The Wild Folk”. We also got to walk around the shop and some people got Sylvia’s autograph. When we came back to school we wrote about our day out.

We were very lucky to get the old computer room because we have four computers to play Math and English games and also to do research about what we’ve been learning.

We went out to the garden to classify animals and plants. We had a ‘Show and Tell’ and Sarah O’C brought in stacking cups.  She showed everyone how to do it and her fastest time was 7.05 seconds!

One day before we went home Miss Corr gave us a challenge, the challenge was to order the dates of a timeline and we did it! Yay! We made our own timelines using photographs from home.

The school is also very lucky to have IPads now. Our class played maths games on them, we researched ancient houses and we also took pictures of four things we are proud of. It was really fun.

We also learned an archaeology song and we made clay artefacts. We made jewellery, pots, cups, etc. We pretended we were archaeologists and wrote where our artefact was from and how we found it. This year for assembly we sang our archaeologist song and read some bits about our artefacts.

In Irish, we worked on short Irish plays set in a restaurant, we wrote our own menus and have been practising using our dictionaries. We love playing “Guess Who” too!

So that is what happened in the last four weeks. We will post again to tell  you all about October!


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