Winter time in Room

Winter time in Room


We have had a very busy winter in Room 24!

Take a look at some of the activities we took part in:


We had a visit from an entrepreneur. She helped us and gave us advice for our JEP!!

We learned how to be detectives in a forensics workshop!!

We had our own science fair in our classroom and we showed the rest of our school our cool experiments!!

We learned about Native Americans and we got to dress up as them and preform dramas about them for eachother

We took part in the Laudate festival in Ballymun church. Where we sang load of religous hymns with schools from all around Dublin. It was really fun!

We also had a religious retreat in preparation for our Confirmation. The people who were helping us with the retreat were from all around the world!! 

We made St Brigid’s day crosses with our 2nd class buddies!!

We started making our products for JEP and we introduced the school to our product and our mascots Positive Petunia and her besto Lovely Lavender!!





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